My name is Janne Ovaska and I have born in 1967. I live in Southern part of Finland in city of Hyvinkää.
I’ve built all kind of lures since early of the 90’s. I started building by the UL-sized cranks and after that I’ve built ”bigger and bigger” lures. In 1997 I was Finnish Champion in the lurebuilding contest by a yellow, wooden duck, which I built for the ”humor lure”-series. I interested in jerkbaits in 2001/2002 when I built first blanks of that kind of lures. Those didn’t satisfy me much and still I use more cranks than jerkbaits for pike fishing. First good jerkbaits from my  workroom came out in 2004 and after that I’ve mostly used my own jerkbaits. I still love to test does those catch pikes as well as my mates lures and if they don’t (what’s not normal, ha-ha!), I want to think why they didn’t work that time. I love to think, test and build my new ideas, for example the blank of the Mid-T (in my site) is the 5th version, if I remember right. I’m very pleased you visited in my site!

Tight lines!
Janne ”Jio” Ovaska



All the lures on the website are available
in any colors shown or if you like a different pattern
I’ll do my best to do it for you.

Shipping and handling costs:
6, 50 €/order in Europe.
10 €/order outside of the Europe.

I accept paying in a cash (by your own risk) or international bank transfer.

Please contact me via email

with  orders or any questions.